Under Piazza Ranzoni’s porch, in the heart of the historic district of Intra, La Casera has become a reference point for food and wine lovers. Eros choose to specialise in the refinement of local products, and it was a winning move. He carefully selects the cheeses that are ripened in our natural cellar, dedicating special attention to the nuances of their fragrances and aroma. The Robiola Incavolata, for example, is a fresh cheese ripened in Savoy cabbage leaves for 20 days. The Donsanto, instead, is seasoned in durmast barrels full of liquor wine.

Robiolas, Tomas from Ossola Valley and Piedmont, Taleggios and the famous Bettelmatt, produced from Piedmontese Bruna Alpina’s raw milk are just a few examples of the huge selection of local products that you can find, buy and taste at “La Casera”.

“The Bistrot with tables”, that is how Eros called its tasting room. Since 16th March 2012 at our shop “La Casera”, you can taste the finest products.

We also select the best traditional Piedmontese wines, and the Biancavigna Prosecco, which is the best choice for your aperitivo.

On the tables, you will find the local “pane e companatico” (literally “bread and side dish”).

We also choose our desserts from the best Piedmontese traditional recipes.