The story of
La Casera

The magical circle of flavours, fragrances and local traditions

 The circle has always been a symbol of fullness, continuity, balance, entirety, perfection. A magical circle is the space of spiritual rites, thoughts, ideas, and the conception of ambitious projects. That is what Eros did when he created his company.

Eros’ adventure began during his childhood, when he learnt the passion for cheese trade from his family. His father Giuseppe and his mother Carla opened a small family business in Verbania.

Eros grew up behind the shop’s counter and day after day, he participated in his parents’ growing love for the typical products of their land. Thanks to his curiosity and his entrepreneurial spirit, he became the leader of a tradition that evolves following his passionate and demanding customers’ needs.

Since 1991, Eros transformed a small shop in the focus of his work of research of the best local and national dairy producers. It began as a simple shop where they used to sell typical products focusing on quality and innovation, rather than on brands and trends. Then Eros transformed it in a greater space of continuous research of new flavours, by renovating and enlarging it with the creation of an ageing cellar in the centre of Intra and the recent tasting room dedicated to its best products.

Here is the magical circle, the unique space where customers can immerge themselves with all their senses and be the protagonists of a unique emotion. Fom producer to consumer without mediators, as they say.