Stracchino Taino di Capra Valli Orobiche

Stracchino Taino di Capra Valli Orobiche

The “Orobica” is a breed of goat with large horns, long hair in a wide range of colors. The slow food “Presidio” includes just few farmers that follow the traditional methods of farming giving to the goats open space in winter time and alpine pastures in summer. The cheeses of Orobica goat are made with raw whole milk and it can be used only rennet from calf or young goat. This cheese has washed suface and strong taste a proper goat cheese from Alpine pasture.

Stracchino Taino di Capra Valli Orobiche
  • 01031
  • Forma intera
Italy (Lombardy)
Raw milk
  • Goat
Average sizing
1,5 Kg
Expiry date
Forma: 45gg
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