Grasso d'Alpe Val Biandino

Grasso d'Alpe Val Biandino

The beautiful Biandino valley is located next to Valsassina and it starts from the village of Introbio going towards north east to Pizzo Tre Signori. From this alpine pasture we chose 4 different productions of cheese. The most important is our “Grasso d’Alpe” which is obtained from two daily milking which giving us a very rich tastes of alpine herbs. This taste becomes richer with the aging.

Grasso d'Alpe Val Biandino
  • 01232
  • Forma intera
  • ½ forma
  • ¼ forma
Italy (Lombardy)
Raw milk
  • Cow
Average sizing
9 Kg
Expiry date
Wheel: 180 days / Slice: 35 days
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