Pecorino Romano del Lazio DOP

Pecorino Romano del Lazio DOP

Pecorino Romano DOP it’s a cheese that represent at the best our tradition: already appreciated by the ancient Romans, Pecorino romano DOP is now one of the most exported cheeses in the foreign countries. Our DOP selection is produced with fresh sheep milk, that comes only from the local farming. It may be used as a table cheese or grated.

Pecorino Romano del Lazio DOP
  • 00361
  • whole wheel
  • 1/2 wheel
  • 1/4 of a wheel
  • 1/8 of a wheel
Italy (Lazio)
Thermised milk
  • Sheep
Average sizing
Kg 30
Expiry date
forma 180 gg - taglio 35 gg
Data sheet

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